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Most people believe that there is an inevitable trade-off between tasty and healthy food. Instant noodles are an immediately recognizable pantry staple – whether it’s a college student’s comfort meal, a quick dinner fix after a late work shift, or a solution for a midnight food craving. But while satisfying, look at the label and you might shudder at the salt content and other nutritional facts.

We recently stumbled upon some healthy noodle concepts which we're sure will not only satiate your craving but also be good on your gut.

Send Noods
dad jokes
what do you call fake noodles?

an impasta

Wicked gud Pasta
wicked gud

Guilt and gluten-free healthy pasta and instant noodles. packed with all the good essential nutrients & made solely with plant based ingredients.100% vegan.

Superfood Factory Noodles
superfood factory

Multi millet super noodles for superhumans.

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master chow 2
master chow

everyday asian stir-fry sauces and noodles

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