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tea fit: reviewed

Teafit is real brewed ice tea with awesome taste and the benefit of 15 unique ayurvedic herbs in every bottle.

We sent 30 tea fit bottles to our critics across the country, and asked them to share their unbiased reviews for this ice tea.

Tea Fit

Tea Fit Barley Ice Tea

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tea fit

An antidote to modern times - TeaFit is a range of clean, Unsweetened beverages responsibly brewed from real ingredients for refreshment, health and calm.

reviewed by divya goenka

It has nice lemony taste, would definitely buy it instead of iced tea. Feels healthy although this has some ingredients which are not natural as well.

reviewed by lakshya

"Firstly i would like to start with the Taste as its been printed over the packaging its Tangy Barley Tea The Tanginess is not very prominent, and the overall flavor is not blunt either, it has very mild taste and aroma of barley Secondly, i used this drink during my workout routine and i find little more energetic while push weights , i haven't event felt any kind of bloating post consumption either. The packaging was good, since the taste is mild the color & aesthetics chosen for the product is quite eye pleasing."

reviewed by vinayak satsangi

The lemon Black Assam tea, tastes decent when cold(4/10). The flavour of the tea wasn't strong enough and to me it tasted a bit like dish soap( *Keep in mind I'm no tea Aficionado*) The packaging is sleek but i feel the labelling can be improved by making it a bit more minimalistic. I really like the brand story and what it stands for. We don't have many healthy drinks in India.

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Tea Fit Barley Tea

reviewed by sathvik n

The packaging is good but too much to read and feels a bit overpromising. The tea drink is an acquired taste. So it's a little difficult to change consumer choice to this because of its premium pricing. But the fact that it is good for health and skin would make me buy it occasionally but not frequently. The taste too is a little bland for Indian palate which is used to milk tea. There are also other comparative taste products with similar characteristics that I may experiment with and choose over this.

reviewed by zoeb ali khan

Texture is similar to any other ice tea drink, the brand is not too distinctive, the packaging is simple and clear. I didnt like the taste interplay too much and felt very artificially sweetened.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-21 at 12.34.08 PM - LAKSHYA SOOD

Tea Fit

reviewed by shreeka

"I am a big fan of ice teas and usually when I'm on the go, I prefer to carry along these packages ice teas for the sake of convenience of course. Now, coming to Tea Fit, I'll be honest, I was slightly skeptical about the product. I've always had a big sweet tooth but I feel that as the years go by, my tastes have begun to change. With a no sugar brand like this coming my way, I was also pretty excited to try something like this out. Now, let's cut to the chase. I loved the taste. Funnily enough, I didn't even reach out for that extra spoon of sugar or extra drop of honey, I enjoyed tea fit just as it is. And more so, one thing I observed over the years is that, ice tea - like the name suggests, is always best enjoyed with ice! But, here's one brand that tastes good at room temperatures too. This was one of the biggest pros for me personally as a consumer. It's a nice and refreshing beverage for anyone out there. The packaging is also sleek and easy to carry around. My only pain point here would have to be the price. It costs 120 rupees per bottle. Typically, I've had other ice tea brands that cost around 40-80 rupees tops. So for me, 120 would be a higher price to pay. But, considering the taste and benefits, I might at times pick this up just because of the taste that draws me towards the product. "

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