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race to hyper-realistic, plant-based proteins

Do cows and goats need to be involved when humans want to make cheese? Does an egg have to come from a chicken?

If you ask the plant-based brand today, the answer is no.

These companies represent a fast-growing sector of the plant-based meat industry, which are turning to labs to whip up uncanny analogues that look, feel and taste as close to the real thing as possible – no animals required!

As our appetite for plant-based proteins grows, the race is on to produce hyper-realistic, good-tasting products at a palatable price point.

Check out these plant based protein brands we stumbled upon! 

Protein Puns

Protein puns

Shaka Harry
shaka harry

Plant based meat products for Indian palate - 100% vegetarian products, taste smell and texture of meat

Good Dot
good dot

plant-based meat co. with a heart. With compassion at our core, we transform plant proteins into delicious n sustainable alternatives to animal meat

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benefits of plant-based protein

most plant-based protein sources are lower in saturated fat and free from cholesterol compared to meat and dairy which makes a huge difference!

benefits of plant-based protein

There are also benefits for the environment, plus you don’t support animal agriculture which is responsible for the suffering and death of billions of land animals each year.


Plant based liquid egg

Sudo Hero
Sudo foods

A 100% plant-based plant-based meat alternative that has been carefully curated keeping meat lovers in mind.

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