India’s leading clean plant-based nutrition brand for daily wellness and strength. completely natural plant based ingredients, no added sugar, non-gmo, zero preservatives.

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Products: Weight loss: apple cider vinegar effervescent, garcinia cambogio effervescent; hair nutrition: whole food biotin, health hair gummies, women's protein & superfood, dht blocker, fit & slim smoothie; skin nutrition: hyaluronic acid superfoods, glutathione skin glow, whole food collagen builder, japanese matcha effervescent, sunflower vitamin e; daily wellness: good gut pre+probiotic, immunity boosting supergreens, natural amla vitamin c effervescent, green elixir effervescent, balance pms gummies, ashwa calm, curcu gold, raw calcium; women nutrition, workout supplements

Founders: Rishubh Satiya, 2018

Headquarters: Delhi NCR

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