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Every Sunday, almost like clockwork, people around the world head to Google and type the words "hangover cure" into the search bar.

The question of whether or not it’s possible to make a hangover completely disappear has puzzled humanity for generations, and still there is no definitive answer. Many of the most popular "remedies" people turn to are rooted more in tradition than in biological fact. Greasy fried food, briney pickles might alleviate the pain temporarily — but not much more.

Naturally, a number of online-first brands have launched in recent years looking to give the category an upgrade, using science-backed ingredients that they say are better tailored to combatting the effects of a hangover, or even preventing it altogether.

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dad jokes
q: the best cure for a hangover?

a: being under 25

never drinking again
Morning Fresh
morning fresh

The natural hangover detox drink that protects your liver, flushes out toxins & keeps you fresh after a night-out.

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Delicious ready-to-drink herbal decoctions for everyday wellness with super herbs and super fruits!

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stages of a hangover

Anti hangover & immunity shot

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