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If you were to tell us 5 years ago that we would be drinking fermented tea, we would have probably called you crazy. Yeah, we had finally started embracing fermented foods…but tea?! I’m not what they would call an early adopter.

Fast forward to today and I crave this tart and fizzy drink! Adding a regular dose of kombucha to my diet has definitely improved my immune system, and even cleared my skin. Why? The probiotics of course!

Now here’s the thing…not all brands are the same. Some (in our opinion) are way better than others. As we’ve had our fair share, so we went ahead and compiled a list of the best kombucha brands we stumbled upon recently.

Booch Puns

kombucha puns

kombucha 101
it is a probiotic

this probiotic punch is rich in good-gut bacteria that improves intestinal health, cuts the risk of chronic diseases, and boosts the immune system.

HAppy Booch
happy booch

All-natural, small-batch, vegan and artisan kombucha brand crafted with handpicked organic ingredients


the chill drink. sh*t happens. fly sober.

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Neer kombucha
neer kombucha

A gut friendly, fermented brewed tea with no additives

kombucha 101
high in antioxidants

One of the major kombucha benefits include antioxidants. They fight free radicals and minimize the damage done by oxidation.

Bhu kombucha
bhu kombucha

Brewed from organic green tea, bhu kombucha is fermented in small batches for two weeks and then flavoured with the freshest organic botanicals.

atmosphere 3

India's finest kombucha tea. Boost your immunity and wellness with naturally fermented tea; brewed locally.

But first kombucha

But first, kombucha

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