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Every time we see a new hot sauce out there, we want to try it. And it’s low commitment: it’s something new one can try in a small bottle, and the shelf life of these things (is long enough) that you can try it out in different recipes or add it to different things you’re eating.

Gone are the devil motifs and aggressive descriptions of painful or even stomach-wrenching heat levels that have long been the hallmarks of the hot sauce category; instead, the focus here is on enticing flavor descriptions and production methods.

Here are our favorite hot sauce brands that we stumbled upon recently:

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Bomb Foods
bomb foods

Hot sauce made with real ingredients and packed with explosive flavours.

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the bombay hot sauce
the bombay hot sauce

Their first sauce is aptly called Mischief, a sauce that runs riot in your mouth with its spicy, tangy and sweet flavour.

dad jokes

What is the opposite of Hot Sauce? Chilly Sauce


Naagin sauce brings you the first truly Indian hot sauce, made for Indian taste buds, with a curated blend of high-quality, ethically sauced ingredients.

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Woodstreet Sauce Co
woodstreet sauce co.

Range of small-batch sauces and condiments, inspired by iconic condiments from around the globe and made with locally sourced ingredients

El Diablo
el diablo

indias most exciting sauce brand. fresh and natural sauces with 14 unique flavours.

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Premium gourmet products and ingredients.

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Hot Sauce
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