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A new wave of internet-born tea brands are working to win over younger consumers with eye-catching packaging and promises of health benefits.

Meet the direct-to-consumer tea brands vying for your cup. 

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satori tea
satori tea

Satori tea is a one-stop place for high grown Indian origin teas.

Tea Trunk
tea trunk

Wellness teas for conscious consumers, founded by india's first certified tea sommelier.

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Woolah Tea

truedips is the world's first bagless teadip, in a compressed form that locks in the most authentic and exotic assam tea flavors you have ever tasted

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Oh Cha Hero
oh cha

unravel a world of tea, made with uncompromisingly good ingredients and unconventional blend combinations.

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Chymey Tea
chymey teas

Whole leaf tea in exotic flavours. 100% natural & real ingredients.

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Tea Jokes
dad jokes
what do teapots wear to a tea party?



Plant based beverages & functional bars

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vahdam tea

India's largest collection of loose leaf teas


Chaika is an instant tea solution giving you chai in less than 10 seconds.

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Tea Jokes America
no. 3 clive road
no. 3 clive road

No. 3 clive road sources the finest full leaf teas, handcrafted in small batches using local ingredients, connecting you to the producer of your tea

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