chocolate, without the guilt

In the world of modern snack brands, chocolate no longer needs to be avoided on health or ethical grounds.

We've been on a lookout for chocolates that are both tasty but not packed with the sorts of unnatural ingredients that mass market chocolate brands tend to use. Today, we have a growing number of users who are willing to pay for higher quality, better ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Keep reading to know more about guilt free chocolate brands we stumbled upon!

Ditch The Guilt
ditch the guilt

Scrumptious sugar free craft Indian bean to bar chocolates packed with healthy nutrition. sweetened with natural stevia and enriched with pea protein isolate.

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The Whole Truth Chocolate -1
the whole truth food

Food so clean, we declare each & every ingredient, proudly, upfront.

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Chcooclate Puns

Dad joke

Diabetic Chef
a diabetic chef

Diabetes friendly chocolates & deserts

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Sugar Free Chocolates | Vegetarian | Farm to Bar | Organic

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dad jokes
why did the donut visit the dentist?

he needed a chocolate filling

chocolate facts

Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad. Period.

Chocolate puns
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