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A recent study reported that 36% of people had increased the amount of candy they were eating during the pandemic. Survey or not, it should come as no surprise that over the months of the pandemic, people have been seeking out any comfort they can, and for many that comes through food.

Some people bake bread. Others bury their faces in cookies, as sales boost appear to indicate.

Looking up and down the candy aisle, as millennial adults looking to satisfy our sweet tooth - we stumbled upon a few candy brands that hit the spot.

dad jokes
q: what kind of bear has no teeth?

a: a gummy bear

Candy Corn
memzo candy 1
mezmo candy

Candy that’s so good, it’s good for you. no pesky chemicals. no evil additives. no toxic colours. no allergens. no refined white sugar. fruit based, vegan, gluten-free

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Hip candy

Hipocandy is a delicious blend of choco-fruity candy that's fully handmade.

dad jokes
q: what is a monkey's favourite cookie?

a: a chocolate chimp


Real fruit gummies with nothing against your tummies

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Sweet Tooth
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