bombay shaving company

Bombay shaving company is a premium personal care and grooming solutions, enriched with the goodness of superfoods.

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Products: Trimmer, Shaving Foam, Post Shave Balm, Fitkari After Shave Gel, Shaving Kit, Razor, Beard Trimmer Styling Kit, Beard Growth Kit, Beard Straightener Kit, Beard Oil, Hair Oil, Shampoo, Onion & Egg Hair Mask, Skincare: Face wash, Face scrub, Face mask, Soap, Body Wash

Founders: Shantanu Deshpande, 2015

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bombay Shaving Company Cream
Shaving Kit
bombay shaving company
Bombay Shaving Company
Bombay Shaving Company Brush
Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Cream
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